Let's discuss how to make math is accessible for all students especially secondary math students.

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Just Do It?

just do it

I found this picture and at first thought that it was cool.

Something about it kept bothering me though – it stayed on my mind.  After I thought more about it, I realized what was bothering me…is this really what I wanted from my students?  Do I want them to just “do” math?  Or do I want them to understand the math?  To make connections from the math?  To be able to apply the math in new situations?  Do I want to my students to question?  To problem solve?

I know the answer to these questions.  I want my students to do more than “Just do the math”.  I want my students to do more than to mimic my steps in solving – I want them to be able to understand, apply, and justify while problem solving.

When I was meeting with a group of teachers recently, I discussed with them about the traits we would want our students to show in our math classes.  These traits included:

  • Flexible thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Making connections
  • Verbalizing thoughts
  • persistance

And while I was discussing these traits, I made the observation – “Aren’t these the traits that our students/our children need to be successful in life?”  So really aren’t we teaching our students to be successful in life – if we are teaching mathematics correctly in our classes?  Math class is so much more than math class…or least it should be.

The struggle is how do we as math teachers do this – Now that we know this should be our goal and not the goal of teaching students just do the math.

Knowing that there is not just one answer because there is not just one student – I am looking forward to continuing my journey toward excellence in teaching math for all students.


The Beginning…

This summer I have begun reading several blogs and in one of them the writer said – you should blog because you need to write.  This resonated within me.  I am at a point in my career where I am seeing so many connections between what I know about math and I what I don’t know that I feel the need to write them down to help me process them.  I was taught in a traditional math class where I learned to mimic the steps that were shown to me.  I understood why the steps worked but I didn’t see the beauty of the math – the connections between everything we do.  I am a good teacher – at least that is what my students tell me but with this new knowledge I am gaining daily I realize that I could have and should have given so much more to my students.  My goal for this blog is to discuss the changes that should be made in order to reach all students in secondary math classes.

Every math teacher I know works hard and wants success for their students. The lack of success comes from the lack of knowledge not the lack of trying.  There is not a magic pill to bridge the gap in making math accessible and there not just one way  or one strategy – if there was this wouldn’t be an issue.   Hopefully this blog will help others while it helps me.  ~A

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